Thursday, 6 November 2014


Age-old-machines realized that time was running out for them. They had to either reinvent themselves or be prepared for a slow, agonizing death.
There was a heated and long discussion; after all they were not communists. 
Eventually some machines agreed; some did not.
Those who saw the challenge staring at them got on with the job. Those who did not opted for status quo.
Machines that reinvented themselves kept on reinventing themselves; they survived the onslaught of robotics and nanotechnology. Those who failed to see the writing on the wall died a slow death.
A post for Friday Fictioneers hosted by RochelleWisoff on a picture prompt.


  1. Superb point of view to the prompt. Offbeat and real.

    1. thanks Shweta, i couldn't think of anything else, nice you liked it

  2. Tough prompt this week but I like that I could hear a "voice" in your writing. Not easy in 100 words.