Friday, 12 August 2016

The Team
The boy hobbled into the ground; clutched in his left arm was a football that his mother had gifted him. Although every step he took was painstaking yet his innocent face looked truly radiant for he had dressed like other players; but he was not a part of the team.
The mother looked through the window of her bedroom. She looked at her son and felt queasy; an irrepressible desire to scream rose in her heart. It was all her fault and she knew it. She clenched her fists, almost fiercely; the nails began to hurt her palms.
‘Why does my boy have to pay for my sins?’
The regret was soul-wrenching; more so because her mother had repeatedly warned her. But she had refused to listen to her. She wanted to punish her for being a bad mother; she had separated from her father when she was just five.
She eventually stopped using drugs; but by then it was too late. She gave birth to a deformed boy. Her son was handsome like his father but he was condemned to hobble all through his life.  
A post for Flash Fictionfor Aspiring Writers on a picture prompt
and for Three WordWednesday: word prompts- painstaking, radiant, queasy.

Word count 186


  1. Such a sad story. Drugs caused a lot of disabled children and this story made me remember that. You don't hear about it as much these days and I'm hoping that means it isn't happening as much. This is truly a wonderful story!

  2. Drugs during pregnancy. Great take. Very well written.

  3. Sad indeed when drugs top kids from having a chance at normalcy