Sunday, 7 August 2016

Icon Grill

Copyright-Ted Strutz
                                                                                     Photo prompt © Ted Strutz

He was too scared to go to the police or confront the family of the boy he had accidentally knocked down.
Later he learnt that the dead boy was the only son of a colleague. He left the town.
Friends from the school were meeting in Icon Grill almost after a gap of twenty years. He was reluctant to come to the place from where he had run away.
As he entered the bar he saw a man quietly sitting in a corner. He was unnerved. Something in that man shook him.
‘He deserves to know how his son died,’ he said to himself but his courage again failed him.
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Word count 110


  1. What a shame. It would be difficult, it was hit and run. Good writing, I.B. ---- Suzanne

  2. Dear Arora,

    That would be a terrible thing to live with all those years. Nicely done.



  3. Nicely done.

  4. Oh! Tragic..for both the father and the man who knocked the poor boy down...

  5. I hope he gets the courage to talk about. Nice one.

  6. Facing his guilt--difficult and painful, but maybe everyone will feel closure after that.

  7. Icon Grill - a very appropriate name for the place to get together, which has this totemic feel to it that almost makes me think of a Stephen King-style reunion story. Hopefully one day he can confess what he's done. The father definitely deserves to know, and it will only continue to haunt him. Nicely done.

    Anne from