Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Booty

“That’s the car of my grandfather.”
“Which car?”
“That car over there, besides that wall.”
“That junk was a car? What of it?”
“That’s the car in which my grandfather had run off with the booty.”
“Booty? What booty?”
“Yes, his gang had looted a bank. They had stolen jewellery worth millions from the bank-lockers. But then a fratricidal war broke out in the gang and my grandfather somehow contrived to run off with the booty. As luck would have it he was shot by the police. Still he managed to escape the police dragnet but he could not take the booty with him. He met my father and told him where the booty was. He had hidden the booty in a secret chamber in the car.”
“What happened thereafter?”
“Before he could tell my father where the car was, he succumbed to the injury.”
“How do you know that that was your grandfather’s car?”
“Father had spoken of  it a thousand times. Unfortunately he could not locate it when he was alive.”
“And you think the booty is still there?”
“No one, except me, knows where the secret chamber is. Only I can retrieve it.”
“Let’s go and get it.”
The man looked at his friend and shuddered. Friend’s eyes had turned hard and lifeless.

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