Wednesday, 24 February 2016


As he climbed the scaffold a fear rose deep inside his heart. He felt he was climbing a spider’s net. It happened every time he climbed that scaffold.
‘I’m trapped in this net and forever.’
He was the brightest student of his village. Every teacher was proud of him. He had always wanted to be an engineer. He loved fiddling with machines and loved to dream of the day when he would make his own machines.
But it was not to be.
Father had slowly but surely turned alcoholic. The end was painful and traumatic.
Fifteen years later the only vivid memory of his childhood was that of a spider who had built a beautiful net in one corner of his pathetic room. Remorselessly it would eat the trapped flies and insects.
A post for FFfAW on a picture prompt


  1. Great story and so sad that he wasted his life. I think this is well told. We should go for our dreams and not let anything get in our way of achieving our dreams. Very nice!

  2. Some metaphors are not horrible to think of happening!