Saturday, 13 December 2014

Silence of the night
We had been walking almost for six hours. Sun was about to set. In these mountains darkness descends even before Sun has set.
“There is a hut over there,” he pointed towards a small hut not very far off.
“Let us go there; in any case we have no other option,” I was dead tired and was looking forward to a decent meal and a warm bed.
It was an old shepherd who welcomed us, “Are you going to the lake? Then you have surely lost your way.”
The hut was small and in a pathetic condition. A candle was burning in one corner; its dim light did not reach every corner of the hut.
“Can you arrange some food for us? We will pay,” I asked the old man.
“I have big rooster; it hates me,” said the old man.
Both of us looked at him; we were unable to comprehend what he was trying to imply.
“If you want I can cook it for you.”
Even before we could say anything he left the hut, leaving us surrounded by doubts and fears. 
Both of us were not inclined to talk. Everything was calm and quiet. But I thought that the enveloping silence was unnerving.  
We kept waiting for the old man but he did not come back.
Suddenly silence of the night was broken by a shrill cry.
Minutes passed by like hours. And then to our horror a rooster entered the hut and started strutting around. We just sat frozen in our places.
A post for Two Shoes Tuesday

Word prompts- Calm, Candle 


  1. Yikes! That was not an ending that I was anticipating... and I loved it! I guess that rooster hated him quite a bit! :-) Great story, Aurora, pulled me right in. Thank you for this great, chilling tale for Two Shoes Tuesday!

    1. thanks Josie for reading it. nice you liked it

  2. Gripping & Chilling :) Nicely expressed! :)
    Candle & calm used wonderfully!