Friday, 26 December 2014


“It is a brilliant idea,” he almost shouted seeing a glimmer of hope in what his father had just said.
But his father was taken aback by his exuberance and kept looking at him with thoughtful, nay suspicious eyes.
“What do mean by a brilliant idea, you must have misunderstood me?”
“You know it’s the only fervent desire I have and I am willing to accept any condition you may wish to lay.”
“I do not approve of her….never… no, I still hate pets,” father said, ignoring the dismay swelling in his young eyes. 
Word prompt – Glimmer
Word prompts- Brilliant, Fervent, Thoughtful,


  1. Nice response to the prompt~ Well done ~:)

  2. To dismiss thoughts for a pet for a kid is most damaging. It is enthusiasm on his part but distressing on his father who finds it bothersome! Wonderful prose ib!