Sunday, 24 April 2016


“If you ever tell anything to mama, I will ask my friends to change you into a dog or a rat,” said my brother; he was seven years senior to me and treated me as if I was just a three year old kid. I was not that young; I was already seven.

I had unwittingly caught him petting the girl, a distant cousin, who was visiting us with her parents.

“That’s nonsense; no one can change a boy into a dog or a rat,” I tried to stand up to him; he never missed an opportunity to bully me.

“You have not seen my friends; they are not from this world. They are aliens; they often come and meet me.”

“Why?” as usual he had me hooked with his outlandish stories.

“Last month their spacecraft got grounded in the neighbourhood. They were just standing near there like fools, doing nothing. I helped them repair their spacecraft. You know how I love to fiddle with all types of machines.”

I knew it was nothing but a fantasy but still I believed him; or perhaps I wanted to believe this fantastic story.

“I would like to meet your friends,” I couldn’t hide my eagerness.

“Are you trying to threaten me?”

“No, it’s a request.”

“I will have to talk to them.”

“Then talk to them and don’t keep me waiting or I will have to tell mama that…...” I said impudently.

I had deliberately dared to threaten him and I wanted him to know. For once I had turned the table on him and that made me happy.

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