Tuesday, 5 April 2016


There was something that had startled me. I looked around.
I saw a strange, dreadful creature, pacing up and down in my bedroom. It looked like a man but it had a monkey’s head. It was unusually tall and thin.
The monkey-man took no notice of me. It muttered something and left the room. I crept out of my bed. Taking deliberate and measured steps, I came out of the room.
Out in the courtyard, there were two more monkey-men. All of them went into a huddle; they were talking to one another in low whispers. Their shadows on the wall attracted my attention; the shadows were large and scary.
I looked around. Grandfather was reclining in his armchair. He was perhaps dozing. Mother was busy washing clothes. But she kept glaring at the monkey-men. Father came and, in a very polite tone, said to mother, ‘Don’t you think that we should serve these people some tea and snacks?’
‘Why have they come? How dare they? If something happens to my boy I would be devastated………..’ mother was unable to restrain her fury.
One monkey-man saw me and said to my grandfather, ‘He is here. He has woken up. Can we take him with us?’
Grandfather looked at me but said nothing; he yawned and closed his eyes. Soon he began snoring loudly.
‘His mother will not agree, she dislikes you all,’ father said to the monkey-man.
‘Why are you here? Go back to your bed, right now,’ mother hissed at me furiously.
‘You will all regret if you fail to honour your promise. You know that he is destined to be our king. You were told. You can’t deny, not now,’ Monkey-man barked at my father. Mother gave that monkey-man an angry glance. The monkey-men promptly went into another huddle and a heated discussion began.
Mother glared at me and directed me with her glances to hide somewhere. I quietly went back to my bed and hid myself under the warm quilt. I pretended that I was asleep but sleep eluded me.
A thought occurred to me, ‘This can’t be for real. I must be dreaming. Yes, it’s a dream.’
I felt like laughing loudly.


  1. super D words throughout. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day.

  2. What a cute story for the D word and I like the way you have marked with red the initial letter of all D words :)


  3. :D :D Really funny.
    Very well written.

  4. D's abound and sure surround. Great write.

  5. That's funny :) Good one!

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  6. Glad that it was just a dream. I was getting worried about monkey men and their intentions! :D

    1. it had to be a dream, thanks for stopping by

  7. Nicely knit, with monkeymen all around children would love it.

  8. part of the story is a dream that i actually dreamed as a kid, thanks