Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Everyone thought that the old man had passed away peacefully in his bed. Everyone felt sad for the young man, a distant nephew and only heir of old man’s enormous wealth.  He had been more than a doting nephew, he was like a son that the old man never had. At least everyone envisioned so.
A large number of people had come to take part in the burial ceremony; but everyone was too preoccupied with himself to notice that the young man was somewhat edgy and nervous. 
Burial rituals were elaborate and apparently endless; the young man had to do his utmost to restrain his fears. But his apprehensions were unfounded; the proceedings ended smoothly and without any embarrassment. He let out a sigh of relief.  There was an imperceptible smile on his lips. He knew he had eventually succeeded.
Later in the evening the police confronted the young man.
‘We suspect that your uncle did not die a natural death; he was poisoned. We may have to carry out an autopsy.’
‘I can’t.……’ An eerie feeling began to rise in his heart.
‘We have the orders……’ The officer would not brook any interference.
The coffin was dug out from the grave and opened. To everyone’s shock and fright the coffin was empty.
The night was full of dark shadows. The young man was finding it very difficult to sleep; fear was driving him mad. When sleep came, he heard the old man whispering harshly in his ear, ‘What an idiot you are? I was sick, I was dying……you didn’t have to kill me……you thought you will get away with the murder? No, you won’t……you will for ever remain trapped in your fears, you miserable wretch…..I won’t spare you.’
The young man jumped out of his bed and to his horror saw someone leaving his bedroom

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