Thursday, 14 April 2016


It would be the last sunset of his life but he would not witness it.

She was madly in love with him. He was madly in love with her wealth. Her love had blinded her and she had failed to see the greed dripping from his eyes. But she had not been blinded enough; she had told him that she loved her daughter more than anything else in the world and that she would not never ever separate herself from her little girl.

He too had been blinded by his greed; he just took no notice of the little girl standing behind her.

They got happily married. But even before three months had passed he had begun to dislike the little girl. This dislike had turned into hatred when he learnt that her grandfather had created a trust to look after the enormous wealth that he had willed to her.

One night the little girl insisted that she would not sleep in her bedroom. He glowered at her. But foolishly she ignored him and crept into their bed. His anger exploded like a volcano. When her mother tried to intervene and protect her from his vicious blows he slapped her too and brutally.

The little girl suffered serious internal injuries and died.

He was frightened; he tried to scare the woman but she would not relent; he pleaded with her but she could not forgive.

He remained a fugitive for more than three years. Every minute that he spent in hiding he cursed himself; he could have easily lived a comfortable life and that too on her wealth, if only he had not hated that horrid girl. But his lamentation could not alter his destiny.

It was the last sunset of his life but, housed as he was in a death row, he was not destined to witness it.


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    1. But too late and perhaps not real, thanks Amit

  2. On his'Last sunset' in his'Lamentation' too, he was greedy. Deserved what he got.

    1. Yes the karma catches with you, eventually, thanks for stopping by

  3. oohh, how painful..beautifully weaved!

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    1. Karma catches with you always, thanks

  5. Short and crisp, all elements of story included well.

  6. Lamentation... or is he simply feeling sorry for himself? Well done!

    1. i think even is regret is fake, thanks

  7. Sometimes we make our own bed