Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Everything went according to the plan; almost everything.

They had gone through every detail a hundred times before embarking on the ‘project’. Creeper, that’s what the boss liked to call himself, loved this word.

‘We have to execute the ‘project’ with military precision. We have never failed and we will never fail.’ Creeper was in the army for five years before he was thrown out for serious acts of misconduct. But at heart he remained a ‘military man’; he had forced his partners to rehearse every step a dozen times to achieve military precision.

On the appointed day everything went as per the plan. They robbed the bank of at least one hundred million in cash and valuables. They did not leave behind any trace or clue that could lead the police to them.

‘It’s a stuff for movies; our ‘project’, don’t you think so?’ said Creeper. He was proud of his planning and execution.

‘Boss, you always foresee everything; great you are,’ said one of the partners-in-crime.

True, Creeper had foreseen everything about the ‘project’. But even he could not foresee that someone else’s plan was about to bomb.

They were driving to the airport where a private plane was waiting for them; the plan was that they would leave the country on completion of the ‘project’.

As they neared the airport they got stuck in a traffic jam; an oil tanker had broken down somewhere resulting in a massive traffic jam. They were forced to move at snail’s pace. But the delay did not bother Creeper; he was confident that his planning would never fail. He closed his eyes and soon he was dreaming of the sunny days ahead.

Suddenly a car exploded like a bomb. At least twenty other vehicles got blown away in the massive explosion.

It was a terror attack gone haywire. A terrorist group had planned to set off a car-bomb in a busy city mall. But their car got stuck in the unforeseen traffic jam. The terrorist driving the car lost his nerve; it was his first mission and the unforeseen problem had made him jittery. As the time for setting off the bomb approached he was overcome by fear and frustration; he suddenly chose to play the role of a suicide bomber.

Creeper’s car was one of the cars that were blown to smithereens. 

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