Monday, 24 August 2015

The Dress
When she saw her prized dress she was dumbstruck. It was an expensive thing and she had to struggle for months to buy it, cutting on every avoidable expense, day after day and week after week. But that was not all; she adored that fancy costume. She almost broke down.
She knew who the culprit was; she had known it all the while. An anger rose in her heart, slowly but surely; an anger that could burn anything that came in its way.
She looked for him in every room and there were not many rooms in that house. She found him reclining in her grandmother’s chair; he was dozing, completely unaware of what was about to befall him. 
Her anger exploded like a volcano. Terrified, he tried to plead innocence.
‘Even if you kneel before me and lick my feet I will not spare you, not this time.  This is the third dress that you have spoiled,’ she screamed at him, her eyes burning with tears.
But he was a cool, clever cat; he knew how to mollify her even when her anger was beyond her control.
He let out half a purr and looked at her with eyes that were bewitching.
‘You nasty, scoundrel,’ she shouted and caught him by the neck. 
This time the cats's charm had failed.
Word prompts- kneel, nasty, purr


  1. Cats can be very much annoying at times...nice story... :-)

  2. super cute :-) I am reminded of my dog Bella :-)

    1. Thanks Archana for regularly following my stories.

  3. Well the cat does deserve a thrashing.

  4. awww.. poor naughty cat :) just like toddlers who loves to irritate their moms and then plead innocence..