Monday, 17 August 2015

Tell me a story

                                                                                          Photo prompt-© Madison Woods
‘Grandpa, tell me the story when moths entered your room.’
‘I have already told it.’
‘You went to sleep, halfway.’
‘We were out for dinner; my seven brothers….’
‘You had seven brothers? How old were you?’
‘I was five …’
‘I am also five.  I have no brothers, why?’
‘Ask mama; let me finish the story, when the dinner was served…’
‘Who served the dinner?
‘If you interrupt….’
‘Suddenly hundreds of moths entered the restaurant.’
‘Last time you said they entered your bedroom?’
‘Yes, I remember every word.’
‘Tell me, then.’
The child began  the story; the grandpa was soon asleep.
A post for FridayFictioneers on a photo prompt


  1. Dear Arora

    Cute dialogue. I suspect that Grandpa will never finish his story.



  2. Isn't that often the case? After telling, and retelling, the grandkids know the story better than grandpa or grandma. Lovely story.

  3. Haha. You can't get away with anything when it comes to telling children stories, even if they go to sleep in the telling they'll know. Liked how he put grandpa to sleep.

  4. Very cute! That is pretty much how it is with little ones.

  5. Ha.. yes being told a story is the best way to fall asleep.. works for me at least.