Monday, 17 August 2015

Murder in the Bedroom

It was a gruesome scene. The man had been stabbed with a kitchen knife. The body bore multiple stab wounds. The blood was splattered all over the bedroom.
But what surprised the police officer was the attitude of the murdered man’s wife. She was found in her bedroom, peacefully enjoying her smoke; she had wrapped her eyes with a black herbal eye wrap. He tried to speak to her but her responses were extremely cool and calculated.  
The officer could not find even a single piece of evidence that could lead him to the killer. Needle of suspicion, of course, pointed to the wife.
‘You didn’t share his bedroom?’ the officer said in a sneering tone and tried to provoke her
‘No, never.’
Her sang-froid irritated him.
‘None of your business; you suspect that I killed him but you can’t find any evidence against me, no? I feel so sorry for you.’
‘We will catch the killer; eventually they all make a mistake and get caught.’
She smiled at him; it was an enigmatic smile and that made him angry.
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Three Word Wednesday –word prompts: enigmatic, gruesome, irritate.


  1. She's a cool character! She clearly knows more than she's letting on.Love it.
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    1. Thanks Keith, happy to see you after a long time.

  2. Either she is cool because she has done it well, or she is cool because she hasn't... motive is never the only part that has to be there.

    1. its for the reader to imagine and fill the gaps, thanks Bjorn