Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Plastic Balloons

The collection of the plastic balloons was just captivating. It had become the star attraction at the carnival.
But what surprised everyone was the ‘Not for Sale’ placard that was displayed along with that fascinating collection. Children were particularly disappointed. Little kids were rather arguing with their parents. They found it difficult to resist the temptation of owning at least one of those beautiful balloons.
Many parents were willing to buy the balloons and at any price. But there was no one around with whom they could negotiate or bargain. That was mystifying; no one knew who owned the balloons. Even carnival manager was of no help. He didn’t know when and who had brought the balloons to the carnival.
‘That’s a serious security lapse,’ commented a distraught parent. His little girl had been pestering him for the aeroplane-shaped balloon.
And it turned out to be tragic security lapse. The bomb hidden in the cluster of balloons exploded when there were about twenty people close by. Few survived.
In memory of innocent people killed in the bomb blast in Bangkok yesterday.
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  1. A timely piece. My thoughts go out to those in Bangkok

  2. These days our news papers carry news stories of a similar kind that your story could easily pass for one such. There is too much gloom and misery around us. Look forward to a story to cheer us a bit.

  3. Such a sad tale with a touch of reallity. That was very sad about Bangkok. Your story brings to light the reality this world is in during these difficult times. Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

  4. Excellent story for the reality we live with today. My heart and prayers goes out for the people in Bangkok.

  5. Nice writing, nice tribute