Monday, 3 August 2015

The Attack of Aliens.

‘The aliens are about to attack,’ said Pipi, who was just six but thought that he was old enough and smart enough to reflect on and talk about such matters.
‘So what do you plan to do? You must have thought of something to avert this attack,’ asked Pipi’s father in all seriousness.
‘Well, to be sure I have not been wasting my time, I do have a plan,’ Pipi was thoughtful in his words and manner.
‘You can share your plan with me; I won’t tell anyone anything about it.’
‘We human beings can’t match their fire power; they are far ahead of us in this field. But I think I can fiddle with their UPS.’
‘UPS?’ asked the father.
‘Universal Positioning System; if their UPS starts malfunctioning they will not find their way to the Earth.’
‘How do you plan to do it?’
‘Here is my device,’ Pipi said, unwrapping a cardboard pyramid with strange symbols painted on its three sides. He had a bright smile on face.
‘How does it work?’
‘This pyramid will generate energy waves that will destroy the memory chips of their UPS. But there is a problem? ’
‘What is that?’
‘I need some one to meditate and focus on this pyramid to unleash its energy. But we have to hurry; we can’t afford to waste even a minute’
‘Why don’t you go to bed; I will meditate.’
‘But you need to be careful, the Earth’s future is at stake,’ Pipi’s eyes said everything.
‘You can rely on me, I won’t let you down.’
Pipi would not go to sleep till his father had begun the meditation.
As minutes passed, Pipi was smiling in his sleep. The father thought that it was not a bad plan; meditation was doing him some good after a long and tedious day.
A post for Three WordWednesday; word prompts- reflect, waste, tedious.

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