Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Boat

                                                                                     Photo prompt-copyright-Georgia Koch

“Grandpa, who built this boat?”

“My grandpa. I did go fishing with him on this boat, as a child. ”

“You were a child, just like me? When?”

“Long ago.”

“Strange, I thought you were a grandpa… always.”

“No my boy, I was a child once…..and I had lot fun…. I loved this boat. But grandpa would not let me play in the boat.”

“Papa was a child too?”

“Yes, I love this boat; I wish I was a child, I would play a fisherman, I always envied them….”

“Will I be like you one day… a grandpa?”

“Yes,…this boat…”

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.

Word count 100


  1. Is it ever to late to be a child..? Love the thought of how much history exist in those old boats

    1. it may not be late to be child again, but perhaps we are scared of being a child. thanks Bjorn for liking the post

  2. It's always so hard for children to think of their parents as children. You captured the child's wonderment.

  3. Child psychology... well captured... :-)

  4. I like the yearning to be a child again in this. :)

  5. Dear Arora,

    I remember being surprised to learn that my parents and grandparents were once children. Nicely done.



  6. It is a difficult concept for children to grasp that an adult was once a child and they will one day be a child. You captured the wonder of the child beautifully.