Thursday, 22 January 2015


“Can I come with you? Would it be proper?” she asked, almost nonchalantly, when he was about to leave.

He looked at her; he was slowly realizing that she was a puzzle which he could not unravel.

“You very well know that the invitation is for both of us; you did not want to come; you were adamant; I had told you that it would be very embarrassing for me if you were not with me, but still you declined.”

“I wanted you to insist but you did not; you chose to abandon me.”

“Abandon you? How could you even say that?”

“Yes, I know. You are just waiting for an opportunity. But I won’t let you flirt with those….”

He left wondering did he ever love her or did she ever love him. 

Outside, it was all foggy.
A post for Two Shoes Tuesday

Word prompts-proper, puzzle


  1. This does indeed sound like one of those conversations that takes place at the end of a relationship when things are falling apart and you realize you don't know the other person anymore, or maybe never really did. Great writing, we can see her insecurities. Women who play the "I wanted you to..." game annoy me, we need to be clear about what we want and expect, not leave others guessing! :-)

  2. He was in a no win situation from the start. What he should have said was "I would not feel right without you being with me."...too late now though.

    1. our response is often more emotional than logical, thanks Old Egg for reading it

  3. Sounds like they were making life harder than it has to be. What a bother...perhaps time to move on. Sad.