Sunday, 11 January 2015


It had an electric effect on him. Even though he was confident of getting a decent offer, he did not imagine that he would get such an unbelievable offer. He ran to the nearest phone.
When he was finally able to speak to his father he just could not find the right words. He knew that his father was passionate about his brilliant future. But even he would get a shock.
“I got an offer today,” he tried to make it as simple as possible.
“It must be good,” there was a tinge of apprehension in the voice.
“Yes,…. they are offering me two hundred thousand dollars.”
“But I would have to go to London,” he said hesitantly.
“How much is that in our currency,” father had found his words.
“About a million per month,” he said, almost meekly.
That was perhaps the amount his father would have earned thus far. He had managed to marry his two sisters, one daughter and bring him up as well. He was brilliant, no doubt, but father had to sacrifice a lot to ensure that he realized his destiny.
“I will accept it on one condition; you have to come with me to London.”
Father laughed; it was a hearty laugh.  He could not see but he could feel the tears running down the aging cheeks.
“You want to uproot us at this age in our life; no, don’t be a fool; just accept it right now and be with us for some days before you leave for London. Now I must go and tell your mother. She is the one who sacrificed the most; don’t ever forget that.”
Exactly three months later he reached London. It was the day when a group of terrorists, known for their violent and savage acts, attacked the airport killing fifty travellers who had just arrived.

Word prompts- electric, passionate, savage

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  1. Very touching Arora ji. Seems real in today's world.

  2. My God...I hav goosebumps on my skin...very touching story....keep it up :)

    1. it feels nice when someone appreciates your effort, thanks Amrita