Saturday, 10 January 2015

End of a beginning

                                                                                   Photo prompt- copyright-Jean L Hays

“Can’t we make a fresh beginning? We need to give ourselves another chance. Don’t you feel so?”
“But what of the bitterness and bickering that have been our constant companions?”
“I am aware and….. apprehensive.”
“How would we succeed? Why would we succeed?”
“We may not, but still I want to give ourselves a chance. Would you?”
“I really don’t know.”

He began to feel a sweet warmth in the air, “Yes, why not?”

Next moment they were two of the twenty odd hostages. It was a terror attack on the Café. 

Few survived the police action that followed.

Word count 99


  1. This hits pretty hard when you think about the acts of violence in Paris. One moment you are living your life, planning a bit of the future and BAM!

    1. yes, and it hurts. thanks Val for reading it

  2. What a tragic ending! But so relevant - not just acts of terror, but anything can happen to cut short our lives. We shouldn't waste a moment in unresolved resentments and bikering. Hard-hitting story- well told.

  3. This story was so well done! I think the ending presented a powerful message, this pair reconcile their differences, possibly right before their lives ended. We shouldn't wait, we should make the effort now whenever possible. I am all for giving things one more try. But there are also times when we have tried repeatedly and have to admit it isn't meant to be. Thank you for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday with this great story.

  4. they became victims of a strife in the society when they had just decided to start afresh and resolve their personal bitterness and bickering, thanks Josie for your comments

  5. Tragic, real romance; my favorite kind. Little sad now.

  6. Sometimes you are at the wrong place at the right moment.. reminds me of both Sidney and Paris..