Thursday, 22 January 2015


“Can I come with you? Would it be proper?” she asked, almost nonchalantly, when he was about to leave.

He looked at her; he was slowly realizing that she was a puzzle which he could not unravel.

“You very well know that the invitation is for both of us; you did not want to come; you were adamant; I had told you that it would be very embarrassing for me if you were not with me, but still you declined.”

“I wanted you to insist but you did not; you chose to abandon me; you are just waiting for an opportunity but I won’t let you flirt with those….”

He left, wondering, did he ever love her or did she ever love him; outside, it was all foggy.

Word prompt- abandon


  1. Ah, what volumes can a little conversation speak. A very unique take on the prompt.

  2. Love the last lines. A tale of unrequited love expressing extraordinary feelings and emotions:)