Monday, 3 December 2018

The King’s Minister

‘You told me that your father was very rich…..’
‘Of course, he was very rich. He was the king’s minister and in those days ministers were rich and……’
‘How come you are so poor?  Didn’t he give you any money?’
‘It’s rather complicated. He had three wives and I was the second wife’s son. The brother of his third wife was a……’
‘That’s why people don’t take many wives?’
‘Perhaps that’s one reason.’
‘I was wondering…….’
‘Yes? Kid!’
The old, haggard man looked around. Everything was dim and hazy. There was no one there….never had been…. for years.
Word Count 100
A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.


  1. There are some rich parents who do not believe in easing life's path with money for their kids. And serial marriage-making does come at a price and not just financial. Jilly, Sugar on the Bee.

  2. How very sad. A man lost in his own world, which doesn't sound like it was a very pleasant one.

  3. Ex-wives come at a high price, especially if there are kids...
    Sorry... you have to make your own fortune.
    But a sad story for the old man...

  4. Dear Arora,

    The last paragraph is punch to the gut. Well told.



  5. Poor man. The ending took me by surprise.