Sunday, 26 February 2017

It was early afternoon but surprisingly it was unusually dark. The corridor was totally deserted; I was the only one walking through it. No one else was there.
Out of nowhere a group of weird looking men appeared. They were holding multi-colourd cords in their hands. Suddenly they began to tie the cords around their necks. I felt unnerved and stood rooted to the ground. I wanted to turn back but could not. Another group of men approached from other end of the corridor. Soon there was nothing but anarchy and chaos. People were shouting and screaming, their faces twisted and contorted in anger.
‘Why are you all doing this?’ I tried to say but could not.
‘I must be dreaming.’
I saw a mendicant in a black robe. He gently took hold of my hand, ‘Dreams are nothing but the experiences that you have not lived through. Don’t try to find any explanations. If you would just ….’
I screamed, I could not bear the strain anymore.

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