Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Illusion
They had been in the space for almost ten Sirrah years (about ten thousand years by our reckoning) and not even once had they faced a technical glitch.
But one day the unimaginable happened; the power failed. They had a backup and a series of backups to that backup. But these were insufficient to run all the systems; the journey to home was ruled out.
“Scan for some alternate source,” barked the commander of the spacecraft.
 “Commander, I see a possibility on a small planet. They call it the earth.”   
“Seems improbable, the aliens out there are too primitive.”
“Should we go and check?”
“Go ahead.”
Two weird looking persons entered the Illusion, the most elegant restaurant in the town.
“I was right; they have it. But none of them is aware of it,” whispered one.
“We would need many of them, in fact every one of them on the planet,” replied the other.
“Does it matter? They are likely to parish sooner than they expect; they have brutally ravaged the planet.”
“The commander has to take the call.”
“And we know what we would say; ‘we are being kind to these foolish creatures.’”
The power on the spacecraft was restored and it commenced its journey back to Sirrah.
The two who had come to the earth felt sorry for the aliens that had inhabited the earth.
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Word count 227


  1. Wonderful SciFi story! I feel sorry for the foolish earth inhabitants too. They have ravished their planet! Great story!

  2. The last line is says the unsaid. We who inhabit this planet are the aliens. Great write.

  3. Always love you sci-fi stories.