Thursday, 27 October 2016

Stone Quarry
He knew where he would leave the vehicle; and the dead body. He had quietly gone around that place a couple of times; it was a desolate place adjoining a deserted stone quarry.
Pip was in a bouncy mood.
They had never attempted such a big heist. All these years they had pilfered only petty things; occasionally they had robbed a lone stranger of his meagre belongings. But this time they had targeted a jewellery shop.
He had decided that he would he would shift somewhere else. But Pip was a problem. Pip was vapid and cruel; he had to end his relationship with Pip if he was to make a new beginning. He knew what he had to do; it was unavoidable.
Everything went as planned. In fact they were surprised at their own deftness.
As they were driving to their den, he suddenly took a detour. Pip looked at him and laughed; he was in a bouncy mood, ‘Everything must be worth fifty million, no?’
He casually glanced at Pip; he was waiting for the right moment. Suddenly he felt a searing pain under his left shoulder.
Pip had pierced his chest with a stiletto. Pip left the vehicle and the dead body in a desolate place adjoining a deserted stone quarry.
A post for Three Word Wednesday; word prompts-adjoining, vapid, bouncy
and FFfAW on a photo prompt.

Word count 214