Monday, 14 September 2015

The Green Light

It was a chilly night and, as always, the room was cold. He had wrapped the quilt all around his head; he was scared of catching the cold.
He thought that he had heard a strange sound, a sound that had distracted him in his sleep. But he was not too sure, ‘No, I was not sleeping; I was only worrying about my unfinished homework.’
He was terrified of his math teacher who loved spanking the boys, even those who did not make mistakes.
‘But I did hear a sound; what was that?’
He adjusted the quilt a bit and managed to create a small aperture and peeped through it.
He froze when he saw a green light shining in one corner of the room. The green light was floating like a weightless ball.
Terrified, he quickly wrapped the quilt around his face. But an overpowering curiosity rose somewhere deep within him. He slowly pushed the quilt away and uncovered his head.
A green light was surely floating in the room.
He tried but failed to wake up his elder brother. He wanted to get up and wake up his parents; but he could not muster enough courage and instead shut himself in his quilt that he wrapped tightly all around himself.
Next morning he thought that his elder brother was unusually happy and boisterous.
‘Did he play a prank?’ he looked at his elder brother; it was the dirtiest look that he could manage.

A post for Sunday Photo Fiction on a photo prompt.


  1. Cute story! I wonder if it was his brother playing a trick on him?

  2. Oooh, I wonder if it was a prank or something more sinister.

    1. somethings must be left unsaid, thanks for stopping by