Monday, 21 September 2015


                                                                                            Photo prompt- © David Stewart 

It was after fifty years that he could visit the house where he had spent ten years of his childhood.
Partition of the country had let loose an irreversible process. Millions  of people had been rooted out of the land where they had lived for generations.
Before migrating, his grandfather had handed over the house to a friend, who accepted it like a cursed gift. But the grandfather failed to grow roots in the new land and slowly withered away.
He was shocked to learn that the grandfather’s friend had suffered a fatal heart attack the day his grandfather died.

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a picture prompt.

Word count 100


  1. I have heard of things like that happening. Generally it's twins who die soon after one another. But I've heard it of friends as well.

  2. Partition was one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century.
    Good piece.

    1. This could have happened anywhere, thanks Mick for stopping by

  3. Yes it would come as a shock to find the friend in the house had died on the same day. Partition of a country would have been very hard to bear.

  4. Dear Arora,

    There was obviously a close bond between the grandfather and his friend despite the separation. A hard tale well told.



  5. Very sad story, and could be told for so many places.

  6. oh ... tragic!
    very well expressed Aroraji... reminded me of my husband's family moving from Lahore to Delhi in one day... :-( everything just changed... from riches to rags :-(

  7. Very sad on two counts the partitioning and both men dying on the same day. Well told story.