Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Silence of the Valley

Everything was quite, unusually quite. Or so she thought.
Having lived all these years amidst the noise and cacophony of her city, she was struck by the silence of that place; the hills on one side and the sleepy valley stretching in front appeared to be smiling at her confusion. She had not known that some parts of earth were, even now, beautiful and peacefully quite.
“How I wish we had come here earlier?” she said to him.
He didn’t say anything. She was too overwhelmed by the beauty of that place to see that his eyes had turned hard and cruel.
“We must come here, again.”
He didn’t respond. She turned and looked at him and froze in terror.

A post for Magpie Tales on a picture prompt.


  1. Nice beginning- moving on to a mystery? Do continue with more!

    1. Thanks Karen for stopping by, wish i could complete it

  2. oh! scary... is a murder on the cards?