Wednesday, 2 September 2015


As he entered the room they stopped talking. Every one of them looked at him. A pregnant silence had descended in the room. But their eyes could not remain quite. The eyes were open in a kind of mock surprise.
They knew that she had spurned him. They had warned him but he was too confident of his charm; it had never failed him. But it did fail. He felt shattered.
“Now you would like teach her a lesson, no?” asked one with a sneering smile on his face.
“That won’t behove you; just let it go. There are any number of girls in the town, no?” said other.
“Don’t do anything rash or foolish. Just give her some time. May be she will have a change of heart,” this was the one who really hated him.
“Why would I do anything rash or foolish? Rather I would send her flowers; every day and day after day,” he said with an exceedingly warm smile.
They were all disappointed. They had not expected that he would take her rebuff that sportingly. They were wishing that he would retaliate and do something foolish and nasty.
“Flowers?” they could not believe him.
Only he knew that she was allergic to flowers and that he was going to make her feel miserable; every day and day after day.
A post for Magpie Tales on a photo prompt.


  1. a very different take! A tale of a 'flowery' revenge! :)

  2. Sharp and sprightly. Well done

    1. thanks Berowne, nice that you liked it.

  3. Good idea in the end. Wicked! :)

  4. If she is allergic to flower she will never accept the gift from him.

  5. revenge in its own way... :) nice different take