Friday, 10 July 2015


“Is that  a vineyard?” asked Pipi. He had lived all his twelve years in a crowded city. It was his first trip to countryside and he found everything unfamiliar but  exciting.
“There we are growing antennas. We plan to grow a million of them,” said Tinku.  He was just about six but he was quite patronizing towards his city born cousin.
“Antennas? How? What for?” Pipi thought it must be joke.
“We want to talk to the ETs. They live on far off stars. We need lot of antennas to send messages to them,” Tinku was sure of what he was saying.
“But antennas are made in a factory,” Pipi was feeling confounded.
“We grow them here. One ET taught us how to grow antennas. Have you ever met an ET?’ Tinku asked in a supercilious tone.
“That’s why you think antennas can’t be grown in a field,” Tinku said with the authority of an expert.
Pipi looked at the vineyard thoughtfully; he was not sure if the little boy was making fun of him.
“Things are a bit complicated here,” he muttered.
“Yes,” said Tinku.  

A post for FFfAW on a photo prompt.


  1. Cute story! One cousin pulling the leg of the other cousin. I enjoyed this story. :)

  2. Interesting and amusing interpretation of the prompt. :) Perhaps the imagination of a six-year old got the better of him here, and he put it to use in impressing his cousin. I love the names, Pipi and Tinku - they do sound rather futuristic. I can see why Tinku called the vines antennas. Millie :)