Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Three Women

She turned and looked at them.

There was something about them that disturbed her. A strange thought struck her, ‘They aren’t humans, no? They only look like humans.’

The tallest of the three was gazing at her with unblinking eyes.

‘She has read my thoughts,’ she was sure and tried to give the tallest woman a smile; she was still gazing at her.

Now the other two had also turned their unblinking eyes towards her. All three were unusually tall and appeared to be totally hairless.

Their stares were sombre, frosty and distant.

Suddenly she realized that she was alone at the pool; alone with three strange women who were perhaps not even humans.

“Are you the famous astrophysicist who was on TV yesterday? Would it be possible for you to help us?”

She thought she heard one of them say in a raspy voice.

“How can I help you?” she could not resist asking them. ‘Are they aliens, needing my help?' she asked herself.

“There’s no one here and we are new to the place. Would you mind staying here till we finish with our business?”

Taken aback, she didn’t know what to say. Compelled by nature, her eyes had an obedient look. 
 A post for MagpieTales  (on a photo prompt) and Three Word Wednesday.


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    1. meant to be, thanks Berowne for stopping by

  2. Oh, I love the mystery in your piece. Aliens indeed!

  3. alien story so well connected to the prompts

    My Take On The Prompt Thief

  4. Well woven mystery. Liked your take on the prompt.

  5. She got nice thighs (distant one)... Ahem ahem... her gaze is not cold either :-P