Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Angel and The Car

Rolls Royce angel
The angel had fallen in love with the car. But he knew that it was too expensive and he could not afford to buy it; not with the meager income he earned as an angel.
“Sir, would You mind if I request for a pay hike; I deserve a raise  and You know that; men down there get a raise every year and sometimes twice a year.”
“Well, if you wish you can go down there and live like a man for some time.” 
“That’s not fair.”
“But that is what it is.”
“If You can’t give me a raise then make it possible for me to ride that car, at least once.”
“I can give a better suggestion; you can ride on that car and for ever. I will put that idea in the man’s mind.”
Soon the angel was on the car; you could see him riding on the hood.