Thursday, 6 November 2014


“This is the third girl you have given birth to. It should have been a boy; at least this time.”

He had almost barked at her. A finger probed the baby; and it probed harshly. She was a new born child but still a tiny wave of shame rose in her tiny heart. The mother cringed and looked other way.

As months passed by the wave rose higher and higher; she was often left gasping for breath.

It was her thirteenth birthday. She was fragile as gossamer. But there was no respite for her. He had since plummeted to the zone of beasts and mere probing left him angry. He regretted not killing her at birth.

It was her thirteenth birthday and she lay devastated. She looked at her mother. She saw her eyes; eyes that were bereft of tears. She heard her muted cries; cries that lacked courage.

The wave of shame engulfed her. She wished she could drown for ever.

Word prompts- devastate, gossamer, plummet


  1. I hope she swims forever....that would be the best revenge

    1. yes, but sometimes it never happens that way, thanks for reading the post

  2. What a shame! Not forgetting if fault can be assigned it will be logically 50% on each parent! Wonderful write arora!


  3. So many like her are drowning everyday in the sea of our country, no respite for them :-( very well written..

    1. thanks Maniparna for liking it.sometimes i feel ashamed of myself when i observe such degradation in our society.