Thursday, 13 November 2014

A malignant fear was spreading through every house.

In last three days seven girls had been attacked; every girl had her face badly scratched; every girl was too scared to remember who or what had attacked her.

No one knew who was attacking the girls. No one knew why someone was attacking the girls. There was an enemy out there in the forest but no one knew who that enemy was or how to fight that enemy. This ignorance made them vulnerable and nervous.

At this crucial juncture everyone was thinking of the old man. He was a wise man, even though he was somewhat quirky. He could talk to birds and animals and the spirits of the forest. He was fearless and even ghosts were scared of him. But they all had been foolish; they had annoyed him and he had left them. He just wanted to marry that girl. But the Chief had his eye on her.

The old man was sitting under a tree. He chuckled at the little monkey who was eating little berries from his hand. These berries were the best aphrodisiac he had ever tried. The monkey, like the old man, had taken a liking to the berries.

The old man said to the monkey, “They must all be yearning for me. They are scared and don't know what to do. Fear and apprehension is always killing. Should I help the ungrateful people? They are scum, don’t you think so? But if you agree I will help them.”

The monkey looked at his empty hand and growled; he wanted some more berries.
A post for Three Word Wednesday

Word prompts- crucial, malignant, yearning.


  1. Curious, intriguing; well written.

    1. yes that was the intent, thanks Berowne for reading and liking it

  2. curious ...yes!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks for reading and appreciating it

  4. Creative tale.
    Old man + Monker are yYearning for berries, while people are yearning for attacker & the old man.
    One doubt-
    Who is the attacker?
    The monkey, right? Or the old man?

    1. somethings must be left unsaid, thanks for reading the post

  5. Replies
    1. you find it intriguing means i did a good job, thanks for reading and commenting