Friday, 28 November 2014


Snowstorm by Maurice de Valminck

He did not have many wants
He just wanted to be accepted as a member of the household but they were all scared of him and that hurt him.
He was as harmless as a new born baby, that he knew for sure. But he was unable to carry any conviction with any of the family members, notwithstanding the fact that some of them were his descendants. He could understand their apprehensions; there rarely was a ghost as humane and unselfish as he was. This made them nervous and self-conscious.
He did his best to befriend them; even without their knowing he was taking care of many of their problems and needs. Only a few days back they had all got stranded in their car in a snow storm. It would have been a disaster. But he had mustered all his power and strength and had saved them from a sure calamity.
At last, to his great relief, the little girl became his friend. He was happy as never before. But what a misfortune it was for the little girl. An exorcist made her life almost miserable.
Today again the exorcist was paying a visit. Exorcist made him angry. Later when he saw the poor little girl he almost died in remorse.  

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  1. An interesting story. I'd like to read more. Children and pets are more sensitive, sometimes to the "otherworld".

    1. Thanks Val, great you liked the story

  2. A tale from a ghost's perspective, how refreshing! And yes, how tragic for the little girl who no one truly understood. I grew up being taught "there is no such thing as ghosts", but I didn't believe it then and I don't now. I wonder why adults are sometimes so afraid to admit to possibilities beyond their understanding? I am really enjoying your writing,

    1. thanks Josie, nice that you could find time to read and comment. we see everything from the perspective of our own understanding and more often than not our understanding is minuscule and half-baked

  3. Died and almost died again! Interesting read.

  4. Very interesting. I like