Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The car and the brief case

When he left his office it was already dark, rather unusually dark. The security lights had also been switched on. “Am I late today?” He rushed to the spot where he had parked his car.
He kept going around the office building but he could not locate his car. He recalled that he had parked it near a Letter Box. Yes, it was a Letter Box hanging somewhere on the wall. Or was it a Letter Box somewhere on the footpath outside the building. Yes, he had parked his car on the road.
Suddenly he realized that his brief case was not in his hand. But he was sure that he was holding it when he left the office. “I must retrieve it. ATM Card, driving licence, identity card, credit cards, everything is in that brief case. I think the cheque book is also in it. What a mess I am in.”
“But where did I park the car? Why is it so dark? There was a Letter Box somewhere here. Which side of the building did I park the car? If I can at least find and retrieve my brief case I will not have to go to the Police Station. I can go back in a bus. There are no buses plying on the road, why?”
The thoughts were like an endless running stream of water that he could not control.
Then an alarm went off somewhere in the office building.

He woke up with a start. “Thank God,” he said to himself greatly relieved.