Sunday, 14 September 2014

If Only?

Despite all the lights, and all lights were bright, he could not shut out the darkness; it kept on peeping through the window.
“Why?” he asked himself.
It was overpowering, this darkness; it was a challenge and he seemed to be failing, again and again.
Only if he could have convinced her that there was nothing fake in his love.  But was he being truthful, he wondered.
He hated himself for being uncertain of everything, even his love.
If he could shut out this darkness from his being then everything would be bright and cheerful.
If only?

Word Count 100 words.

This post is part of  Friday  Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff


  1. Dear I. B.

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Ah those 'if only's'. We all experience them, don't we?



  2. Dear I.B. Good story - If only I had a penny for all my "if only" statements I've made then I'd be well - better off. Very clever and who hasn't pondered 'if only' ? Great story!
    Nan :)

  3. Only if we are content and sorted within can we make others believe in what we say or do. Nice story.

  4. Shweta, He needs some professional help to overcome the depression that's weighing on him so he can come into the light. Little note: "overpowering" is one word so you can add another one to the story. : ) ---Susan

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    2. thanks, the post has been edited