Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Destiny 

The train was to leave at three.
Normally there was very little traffic on the roads at this time of the day. But today there was a massive traffic jam; a truck had broken down near the railway station.
“I would miss the train,” he muttered to himself.
The taxi driver did not seem perturbed, “When does your train reach M?”
“If it leaves on time it would reach at five in the morning.”
“If you are destined to be in M at five in the morning you would never miss the train,” taxi driver said almost philosophically.  
The driver kept driving unhurriedly, unimpressed by his irritation and anxiety.
“Stop here, this way I will never make it in time; I would rather run to the railway station. It’s not that far now,” he had almost shouted.
Taxi stopped and he ran towards the railway station.
It was almost three when he reached the platform. He heaved a sigh of relief.
But the platform was almost empty; he was crestfallen.
Then he heard the announcement, the train had been cancelled due to a technical fault. He cursed the railways. His planning had come to a naught.
He thought he would inform his host. He switched on his phone and noticed that he had received a message from railways informing of the cancellation of the train.  In his anxiety he had failed to read it.
“If only I had read the message in time I could have taken the evening flight,” he cursed himself.
Next day M was hit by a tsunami and hundreds of people perished.


  1. It is true if a thing is going to happen it happens. But in today's world we want to stay in control. Otherwise we are called lazy and unrealistic. We worry, get angry, raise blood pressure, but do we really change much? I do not know. But may be it is better to try and fail but never have tried.

    1. you got it right, we want to remain in control, thanks for reading the post

  2. He wasn't meant to be in M after all. Good for him.

  3. Replies
    1. it was only later that he realized that he was lucky, thanks for reading the post

  4. Excellent stories here.