Friday, 19 June 2015

A Horse Named Wind

Even as a colt he loved the wind.

The wind was forever free; no one could trap it. It was always gentle and caring; but sometimes it was wild and furious and, then, even the strongest tree trembled facing its fury.

He wanted to be its friend. But the wind would not agree. He persisted and the wind had to relent. The horse and the wind became friends.

By now he was a strong and majestic horse. And men were eager to trap him. One day he got trapped. His anger was boundless. He used every drop of his strength but the trap was unsparing. He sought help from his friend.

The wind said, “Wait for the right moment.”

Men thought he had been tamed; he was gentle and caring like the morning breeze.

A man took him for a ride. As they crossed the fence, the wind whispered, “This is the right moment.”

The gentle morning breeze changed into a howling wind. The rider was lucky to escape with a few broken ribs.

The horse had become the wind; forever free and unbound.

A post for FFfAW on a photo prompt


  1. This is great! I love the images that it creates in my mind. I think your writing is beautifully done!