Friday, 22 May 2015


He had been walking on the jagged, stony path for hours, not knowing where he was headed to. He felt an unbearable thirst; he kept looking for water but could not find even a drop to quench it.

He stumbled on a rock and fell into a ravine.

He was still unconscious when he felt a soft, strange hand exploring his face. He found it difficult to open his eyes but he did manage to look around. He was surrounded be an eerie, greenish light. He could see strange unusually tall creatures quietly moving around. He tried to get up but found that he couldn’t move any part of his body.

A fear rose in his heart, “What is this place? Where am I? Who are these monkey-like creatures?”

And then he felt a deeply warm and intimate touch.

“What do you think?” he heard a whisper brimming with irresistible desire.   
He was no longer flaccid. He looked into her half-closed eyes and smiled.

“What a devilish dream it was?” he said to himself.