Monday, 25 May 2015


                                                                                      Photo prompt -© Santoshwriter

He had been a helpless witness to the killing of his friends and relatives. One by one they had been reduced to ugly stumps. Each one had been a glorious sample of its kind that had blossomed for decades.

All those who were still alive, anxiously waited for the Sun to rise. Even if some survived the day, they couldn’t avoid the gloom; others would have been felled.

Sun was yet to rise but he could sense the arriving machines and monsters.

He looked around. He did not want to cry but he could not stop his tears.
A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.

Word count-98


  1. Reading this, I couldn't stop my tears.... Truly a Classic Presentation!

  2. Dear IB,

    And they say that plants don't have feelings. In your story they certainly do. ;)



  3. Oh!...I read it twice to get the meaning and, now I'm feeling really sad... :-(

  4. It's sad to watch a tree being felled down. Nice one ..from a tree's perspective.