Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I woke up with a start
Something had fallen apart
There was a shadow in the bed
It was in deep sleep as if dead
It is the past lived
And the things undid
It is at its relentless chase
Even in dreamy haze
I long for the long lost rainbow
With deep valleys below
And stars hanging from pines
On mountains that shine
I ache for trees aflame
When autumn came
And shadows were reflections
Of springs and directions
Mislaid and forgotten
In feverish thoughts
That clouded the path
Unaware of aftermath
I woke up with a start
Shadows were falling apart
In shambles was my mind
It had totally resigned
Rainbow was somewhere there
But I was in a snare
Of unrealized dreams
And realized failures
Stars were beckoning too
But what all I went through
Was a chasing of a mirage
It was just a collage
Of dark and less dark
It possibly is falling apart
As the night darkens
And the shadow lengthens
©i b arora

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