Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tyranny of the Watch
PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast
‘Wake up’, said the watch.
‘I didn’t get even a wink of sleep. Let me….’ said he.
‘That doesn’t matter. You have to go for the yoga session and then…..’The watch was, as always, extremely polite.
‘I hate you.’ Indignantly, he pushed the watch away.
‘It means nothing to me.’ The watch would never take offence to his outbursts that had become quite frequent in recent times, ‘You have already lost twenty minutes.’
The watch was inexorably relentless.
Something in him snapped. He smashed the watch on the wall. He pretended that he had smashed the tyranny of the watch.   
The clock on the wall chimed disdainfully.
A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.



  1. ha ha - nicely done.

  2. Dear Arora,

    He might smash the watch, but he can't get away from the tyranny of time. Nicely done.



  3. Yeah--we go "round and round on the circle game." No escape.

  4. I echo Rochelle's sentiments. It would be nice if we could turn time back, or at least slow it down, but there's no stopping it.

  5. Good one... reminds us of harsh truth!
    Wake up!

  6. That was great. You can't escape time, even if you try.