Tuesday, 25 October 2016

He pulled a curtain of his bedroom. His penthouse was on the fiftieth floor. Normally he could even see the farthest end of the city. But, today, he was shocked when he looked through the window.
It was completely dark and ghostly. A fear began to overpower him; he felt he was in a jungle. He felt he could even hear the howling of hyenas.
‘I wish I was with her; she must be terrified. It’s a jungle out there and she is too fragile.’
His hands were shaking; he had still not called Renee. He didn’t have the courage to tell her that their only child had gone missing. But he was certain that Renee’s call would come any time.
He almost trembled when the phone rang.
‘What would I tell her?’
He reluctantly picked up the phone.
‘We have your daughter.’
The phone slipped from his hand. A shadow pounced on him like a predator.