Thursday, 1 September 2016

Victory March
PHOTO PROMPT -© Vijayay Sundaram
They had won a great victory and everyone was rejoicing.
The streets were thronging with boisterous crowds. There was chest thumping and flag-waving all-around. The sky was lit with fireworks and air was bursting with victory cries.
She didn’t step out of her home. Six months back her warrior had been brought back in a casket. She was made to attend an elaborate burial ceremony. And then she was forgotten.
Her eight year old son was out there waving a flag.  She thought that there was something odd about that flag. She looked carefully and was surprised to see that it was painted red.
A post for FridayFictioneers on a picture prompt

Word count 104


  1. Very well crafted. The flags of victors are invariably bloodied.

    1. and we often forget the people who sacrifice their lives. thanks.

  2. Victories in wars are always bought with blood, and that is just as barbaric as it sounds. Good story.

  3. Which is why when 911 first went down I wanted to hang a rainbow flag. My dh said the neighbors would kill us, but I thought it better than war.

  4. Oh! The last line... :-( Wars were/are and will never be the solution...

  5. Yep, they're always painted with blood. Well done!

  6. Dear Arora,

    So well done. A high price for victory.



  7. I wonder if there is ever a victor in a war, maybe the victor is the one that lost the least.

  8. Sad story but good writing, I.B. This is a timely story these days. ---- Suzanne