Monday, 4 July 2016

The Rain Drop

163 07 July 3rd 2016

Rain drops drop  
and Sun doesn’t shine.

Rain drops drop
and clouds thunder,
trees sneeze
and leaves tremble,
monkeys shiver
and birds flutter.

Rain drops drop
and clouds wander,
children jump
and shirts are off,
books float
and school bags laugh.

Rain drops drop
and clouds open,
rays stream  
and rainbow smiles,
trees sing
and leaves shine.

  Rain drops drop
and clouds depart,
monkeys play
and birds fly,
homes call
and children sigh.

Rain does not drop
and Sun shines.

© i b arora

 A post for Sunday Photo Fiction on a picture prompt.

For this week’s post I have slightly re-worked a poem that I had published in my blog ‘poems and stories for children’


  1. A great drop dropping sure rained on through

  2. This sounds like a monsoon rain, I.B. Lovely poem. Well done. :) --- Suzanne

  3. Good. Takes one to childhood memories...... Eagerly awaiting for some heavy drops to drop to make us lost in the tip-tip bass....

    ........ KLV