Saturday, 18 October 2014

First Snow

I kept on walking oblivious of the falling snow.

Falling  snow always reminds me of that beautiful essay ‘First Snow’ which I had read when I was in class VII (or was it class VIII, I am not too sure).

It is strange that, while I can’t recall the complete essay, a faint recollection of the captivating and unmatched description of first snow still gives me an exhilarating feeling; my mind floats back to the little child looking at the falling snow, his nose pressed against the window pane.

But today I could not think of anything else but my friend who was no more.

How many times had we walked together, in total silence, soaking up the warmth of the first snow?

 A post for Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie McFerrin

Word prompt- Falling


  1. A beautiful and bittersweet tribute to a fallen friend.
    My father died several years ago. He loved the holidays, so they always make me think of him.

    1. thanks Helena, i too miss my friend with whom i would often go for long walks in sun, rain and snow

  2. Ouch. Emotive, sad, reflective. The details in the sounds, smells, and textures is what draws you into this story. Great stuff.

    1. Oops - my computer did something funny, and I posted part of the wrong comment here. Very sorry.

      I meant to say "Emotive, sad, reflective - that image of the child with their nose pressed against the glass is excellent, really poignant."

      Sigh. Well done.